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Export ​Products

BL Korea Ltd export below products to oversea.
Please free contact if you need products.(한국내 고객의 문의도 항상 환영합니다.)


Synthetic Fiber

Steel Fiber today has many problems. it is difficult to handle at the work site, the workability is poor, and various problems have occurred after construction.

First, it is easily corroded under rivers and water-prone waters. Due to the nature of shotcrete, the fiber that is to be mixed with concrete should be strong against water, especially strong against salty water. However, steel fiber did not solve this problem.

Steel fiber, which is easily rusted in areas where there is water or high salinity water, is considered to have a lot of problems in improving the tensile strength and compressive strength. Also, there was a lot of balling that tangled with each other.

Various other materials have been invented and used to reinforce these disadvantages.

However, the new materials so far have only satisfied one or two of the many short comings of Steel Fiber.

The new concept of polyester fiber we are introducing today is not simple processing but aiming to develop optimal fiber by secondary processing of primary material and we want to call this material as fourth generation fiber.

You can check Synthetic fiber everything with pink color buttons. 


                         Made in Korea


Finelex rock bolt

ExTR - Finelex(FABULEX)

Expandable Tube style Rock Bolts

Front inlet type Rock reinforcement products

Tubular steel pipe rock bolt technology Inside the rock bolt (steel pipe) with high pressure (250bar)
Inflate the steel pipe by injecting it into the rock and rock bolts

Friction and mechanical engagement effect between secured immediately after installation Early ground reinforcement technology are Cement mortar, resin, etc.

By eco-friendly construction not to use Harmless to human body and environment (groundwater pollution)Product. Also do not use fixatives

Therefore, the perfect construction in the water section
Possible and radial expansion of fractured rock

Because it is effective for friction reinforcement
Applicable to various rock masses.
And than the existing release bar rock bolt Lightweight construction is convenient and work speed

Fast and hydraulic pressure
Anyone can use it easily by construction method
Uniform construction quality control is possible.

                          Made in Korea



Rock Splitter


BL.Korea Ltd. was established in 1998.
For the past 23 years, we have been supplying the best performance products of various countries to domestic construction, mining, and industrial sites, and we are helping to export the best performance products produced in Korea to the global market.

In 2021, we created a new website to quickly and accurately present the products we sell to our customers.

BL Korea, which exports and sells the world's best quality and economical products, is always confident that it will supply the best products that customers are looking for to improve customer productivity.

This product is a rock cutting machine free from blasting noise and vibration in the city.
It is a machine that silently splits the rock with hydraulic power by inserting a cylinder into the hole after drilling with a drill.

Drill hole diameter: 89mm,95mm,105mm+

Made in Korea




Used equipment


BL Korea Ltd is a company with long experience and skilled technicians and exports proven used equipment to overseas customers.
Over the past 23 years, we have exported more than 200 EA used equipment and products overseas, and we are receiving continuous requests from customers.
The equipment needed for construction and mining, such as crawler drills, jumbo drills, excavators, loader, compressors, generators, and services are provided to operate locally at the customer's request, along with parts for used equipment supplied.
If you ask for used equipment you need, we will provide the most suitable equipment that the customer requests.

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